Ancestral Constellations With Sonya Welch Moring

Ancestral Constellations With Sonya Welch Moring

198 Contemporary Arts & Learning, SE24 0JT
10th February 2018 2:00pm – 5:00pm

“A constellation reveals the re-cycling pattern of transgenerational life, past, present and future”

Embracing our life, our culture, our ancestral lineage and our purpose in life, is a journey of identity and self- acceptance.
During this half day Ancestral Constellations workshop, we will support each other in exploring these personal, work and life issues. One way of exploring these issues and looking at where there may be obstacles appearing in your life and how you may be able to resolve them is through the system constellations method. By ‘real life mapping’ of situations you can see more deeply into a system, so that unresolved patterns and hidden dynamics can be brought to the surface, and steps taken to resolve them.

What will I get from the Workshop?

This half day workshop will introduce you to the systemic constellations method. 2-3 people will have an opportunity to bring a life, family or relationship issue to the circle and will be supported by others within the group. You can for example:

  • Explore conflicts within a family or personal relationship
  • Look at an area of your professional life where you feel blocked
  • Investigate your relationship to money and prosperity
  • Map-out a social or community issue

This way of working is inclusive and open to all. Sonya’s approach is informed by the family constellations method and influenced by indigenous African spirituality. This systemic European and African process is a unique approach to healing relationships, liberating potential and reconciliation in family and community life.

What others say…

“I felt not only safe, but valued, held and most importantly each and everyone of us was honoured, especially the ancestors. What a wonderful way to be connected!” – DP – Drama Therapist

Sonya Welch Moring has over 25 years of facilitating groups and workshops. She has trained in Family Constellations, is an accredited coach (ICF) and has a therapeutic background as a mental health nurse.

Contact: 07753 634696 | Email: |

This is an inclusive event open to all, centring the voice and experiences of POC and LGBTQI people.

The cost of the workshop is £20 Refreshments provided.

Please contact us if you would like to come but may need a concessionary rate.