Art in the Age of Anxiety – Shanelle Callaghan

22nd March 2020, 12pm – 3pm

Tate Exchange, 5th Floor, Tate Modern, 53 Bankside, London SE1 9TG


198 Contemporary Arts and Learning is pleased to announce the second of our events in our programme for Tate Exchange 2020. This year’s theme is Power, set by lead artists, international collective Hyphen-Labs. This year our programme has been curated by emerging curators of colour attending the Factory Programme at 198. Factory is a space for arts and enterprise, a platform for launching new creative businesses and an agency for emerging talent.


How can womxn of colour use art therapy to combat anxiety? The everyday experiences of womxn of colour can cause feelings of alienation. Art therapy can offer a way to deconstruct these lived realities. Join us for an interactive exploration of emotions, bodies & realities through creativity and artistic expression.

Art is a powerful healing medium. With pressure on womxn of colour to conform to competing ideas of beauty & behaviour, art can be a welcome escape. It can also be a way to interrogate lived realities. The black female artists Lesley Asare, Merissa Hylton & Linette Kamala have used art to journey through their own experiences. On the 22nd, they invite you to walk that journey with them.


Art in an Age of Anxiety explores self-confidence and esteem through art. It hopes to equip young womxn of colour with the tools to express themselves and deconstruct the myths & truths of their lived experiences in a safe and welcoming space. Learn about how artists deploy art therapy to manage their own emotional well-being. Pre-recorded interviews will be shown throughout the day whilst the interactive art therapy workshops take place.


Lesley Asare is a multi-disciplinary artist whose practice focuses on black history. Merissa Hylton is a mixed media artist, sculptor and the founder of Black British Visual Artists. Linette Kamala is an interdisciplinary artist whose practice focuses on a freestyle form of calligraphy. Together, these artists engage a wide range of mediums to demonstrate how art can be used to claim ownership over their identity.

Art Sisterhood UK, an art therapy organisation, will be running a workshop led by Ali Strick. This will allow individuals to use the creative process to express how they manage issues of anxiety. The clay therapy workshop will be augmented by audio, allowing the participants to share in the artists’ approach.

The artists hope that through this exploration, they can influence new ways of thinking about the nature of art and its value to the world, championing the right to the richness of art for everyone.


This event, curated by Shanelle Callaghan, takes place as part of The Factory programme at 198 Contemporary Arts and Learning. Factory is a space for arts and enterprise, a platform for launching new creative businesses and an agency for emerging talent.


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