Salome Russel
7 May 1996 to 8 June 1996
The first solo exhibition by Nepalese-born painter and sculptor. The artist combines traditional Nepali iconolography, themes of Nepali pattern and rhythm with her perceptions of everyday life. The exhibition included forest and waterfall installations.

A Woman, a Mother, a Wife, and Daughter
in essence a female
from the valleys of the Limpopo
to the Himalayan peaks
Women from different walks of life
Uphold, Culture, Art, History and Nature
Through the years of hardship and trial
We held our hands
Education and Learning, opened our eyes
Lovers of the Human race
In pain we make a gain
Our pride we will put aside

And yet we will hold our heads high
For I know
A woman is loved, cherished , honoured and of course desired
For she is the bearer like the mother Earth
and that for me is MATA

Mothers of future generations
Perceived in different lights
We are called by many names
And loved in tender ways
Some say Oh! Women, you are too bold
While others criticise my weakness
Some tell me I multiply
Some say I divide
And yet among all this commotion
I feel strong, I am happy;
For I know
From the heart of the Kalahari
To the heights of the Everest
A woman is the Pillar of society.
(Salome S-Russell)