Blissful Chaos

1st June 2018 11:00am – 9:00am

Blissful Chaos: Unzipping Kink, Pleasure and Erotixxx

Blissful Chaos is a one-day dynamic and participative Black and queer kink-posium curated by Ajamu X and Sinister.Urges, which will bring together artists, activists and sex-positive individuals through provocations, performance, screenings and quick and dirty ‘play-shops’ on self care and skills sharing.

We will be focusing on respectability politics within and beyond our black and queer communities, and the voices of those black queers who participate in radical pleasure and the BDSM, Fetish and Kink scene.


**It is still possible to contribute to this event!**

We are looking for images and film shorts to show in screen projections during the event that depict black and people of colour celebrating their kink! Photos of you, your toys, playmates, outfits etc. (all with consent!). NOTE: images must be your own! Send high resolution images as .jpeg and video .mp4 or .mov files to
Deadline 27th June 2018.


Who can attend?

This is an event for black and people of colour who participate in or are curious about BDSM and kink. Allies are also invited and reminded that this is a BPOC led event, centring our experiences of kink and the wider BDSM community. Discrimination of all kinds will NOT be tolerated. Please RSVP your attendance to