Brixton Graffic Show

Anissa-Jane, Kofi Allen, Christian Badger, Jennie Baptiste, Doze, Rebecca Harman, Thabo Jaiyesemi, Marok, Mau Mau, Eddie Otchere, Reach, Trini&Blest, Winstan Whitter, Adrian Wood
11 March 2005 to 22 April 2005

The 2005 Guinness® Foreign Extra Stout Brixton Graffic Show was the third major exhibition of graphic urban art housed together in Brixton that celebrates contemporary photographic art, using techniques from the past and of the future.

Brixton Graffic Show was developed by photographer Eddie Otchere. His vision created a pan-urban collaboration that saw London, Berlin and Paris coordinating the development of a graffic visual vernacular with more than fifteen other creatives across the capital, as well as some designers from other regions.

Brixton Graffic Show is not just a group show, it’s a defining moment in the development and promotion of urban aesthetics and culture in the UK. We are confident that the show will challenge many people’s preconceptions about graffic art and will place many urban artists firmly within the UK and international arts scene as innovators of modernisms,” commented exhibition curator Eddie Otchere.