Alinah Azadeh – Burning the Books

12 March 2015 to 29 March 2015

Burning the Books

Book of Debts IX – Brixton

Alinah Azadeh

Burning the Books is a live, touring project that uses metaphor and narrative to explore the deep moral power that debt seems to exert on individuals and in wider society. It is one artistic approach to narrating the socio-economic crisis at a human level. Acting as confessor, scribe and collector, Alinah produces a new Book of Debts in different locations, engaging with people in a range of communities, venues and public spaces and online inviting people to contribute debt stories of any kind, financial emotional, social, political, ecological or metaphysical. Raising questions around accountability, social justice, equality, conflict, compassion, reconciliation and forgiveness, the project offers a moment to reflect on and engage in a broader dialogue about debt than the one on offer in mainstream media. It questions stigmas and opens up the relationship between financial debt and other less measurable forms such as emotional, psychic, ecological and social debt.

Burning the Books Events

12th March 2015 6.30- 9pm 198 Contemporary Arts and Learning

Launch of the Book of Debts with Q&A

12th-20th March Gallery Open Mon-Fri 11-5pm
Book Open for entries at 198 and online at

Sunday 15th March 2015 12-4pm

Readers and Writers Workshop- An introduction to readings on debt and alternative economies with economist and Brixton Pound Director Susan Steed and writing workshop lead by writers from Malika’s Poetry Kitchen

20th March –27th March 2015

Book tour around Brixton, venues include Brixton Station Road Market, Circus Brixton, The Lounge and other places TBC

29th March 2015 2pm -3.30pm

Book Burning- Central Brixton Venue details to be released on the 12th March (supported by Lambeth Events Services)

Burning the Books Brixton is produced by Barby Asante (Associate Curator at 198)