Carnival Connections

24 August 2001 to 8 September 2001

In collaboration with Carol Chin and Family Friends
Supported by Sir Walter St. John’s Educational Charity

” I suppose you could call me a post-Windrush child. I arrived in 1955 – landing in Liverpool on the 19th October of that year. We, my mother and I, traveled over by ship, and our journey lasted twenty-one days. We stopped to pick up passengers in Barbados. My family home was a hubbub of activity especially at the weekends. Friday and Sunday was ‘open house’ to Trinidadians who were already living here as well as those who had already arrived. It was a place to catch up on the latest gossip, listen to the sounds of Sparrow and Kitch, enjoying souse and roti. Another aspect of the socializing was the discussions about Carnival or Mas as we called it and the smell and sounds of the steel pans being made and tuned in our cellar.”

Carol Chin is a Trinidadian artist, whose creative practice focuses on the arts and history of Carnival. She is a trained art teacher who has taught in the Caribbean and schools in south London. She has also held Carnival workshops at the Horniman Museum in London and in other museums across the country.