Concealed Visions, Veiled Sisters

Sabera Bham
22 April 1998 to 30 May 1998

The issue of the veil is central when images of Muslim women are portrayed in mainstream media. It is the most visible aspect, which differentiates Muslim women from the rest of the female race.

Concealed Visions – Veiled Sisters was presented as an installation, incorporating projections and a soundtrack.

Portraits of veiled women were projected onto suspended transparent fabric. The soundtrack consists of statements by women voicing their views on the veil, along with Quranic verses on the subject, with music reflecting the mood.

The women that were portrayed originate from various cultural backgrounds. Living and working in Britain, they have adopted the veil as a statement, which expresses their modesty, dignity and respect.

“I wanted to create alternative images of the veil, images that would challenge mainstream conception and allow the veil wearers to be able to express themselves. This has been achieved by photographing women that have chosen to wear the veil.”
-Sabera Bham

The diversity within the Islamic faith is recognized within this work through the differences in attitudes and practices amongst its followers. There are many Muslim women who have chosen not to wear the veil, yet understand why some women have adopted it as a symbol of their personal identity.