Go Kapana

Velias Ndaba
10 March 1997 to 17 March 1997

Ndaba’s body of work consists of semi-abstract paintings of market scenes. The paintings clearly express the spontaneous movement of people in their daily routine of bargaining for cheap market produce. The imagery seems to expand beyond the immediate orientation and purpose owing to its uncompromised execution.

As opposed to conventional still realism of market scenes, the plural attitude in the market becomes a standpoint for Ndaba’s ideas and his ultimate experience of the markets. Whatever Ndaba’s portrayal of the market signifies, the end product carries its own vitality.

Velias Ndaba is both a painter and the co-ordinator of Thapong International Workshop which provides a wealth of experience for professional artists throughout the world.

Ndaba was awarded grants by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation and The British Council, Botswana for a two-month residency at Gasworks Studios. Go Kapana was an exhibition of work made during his stay in London and was kindly supported by the Botswana High Commission.