The iDream alliance consisting of six Lambeth based organisations (198 Contemporary Arts & Learning; Photofusion; Raw material; Alford House; SE1 United and Streatham Youth Club Trust) has beencommissioned by Lambeth Council to deliver their Youth Drugs and Alcohol programme.

Running until the end of March 2016 the iDream programme is being delivered simultaneously in three youth clubs, Streatham Youth Club, Alford House and SE1 United and is open to young people living in Lambeth aged between 14 – 21 years who are using or at risk of using cannabis or alcohol.

Using an asset based model the programme aims to build on young people’s strengths rather than categorising them according to their deficits. The programme consists of building blocks of positive activities including group work and creative workshops, allowing participants to gain skills in design, graphics, t-shirt making and clothing retail, photography, moving image, rap, lyricism, spoken word, music and sound recording.

Flexibility and sustainability is a vital component of our programme which provides a roll on roll off approach, and is made up of series of six week modules enabling young people to start the programme at any time during the year. These modules are designed to progress participants towards the designing and delivery of multimedia community events at the end of the programme, providing young people with a tangible goal that builds on their existing skills and involves leadership, risk taking, problem solving and good communication. These modules are underpinned by one-2-one support which includes motivational interviewing; dreaming and a focus on developing young people’s individual strengths and capabilities.

Membership of a iDream team gives participants the opportunity to access partner’s activities and facilities. These include high quality sporting facilities (including free gym access); multimedia skill training; employment training; work experience; enterprise; leadership training and international opportunities.

The programme is being independently evaluated by the University of Brighton.