Regie Pedro
20 June 2001 to 20 July 2001

Reggie Pedro, who is already well known for his images that have been used for numerous Gomez album and single covers, showed a body of new large-scale paintings which depicted ‘the everyday pursuits, concerns and experiences of people’ within our society. He is concerned with ‘a much more mundane, ordinary aspect of our existence, the beautiful everyday things that most of us take for granted, as well as the fundamental aspects of our lives.’

The paintings show a confident and bold use of colour, often combining ‘realistic’ representation with more graphical features, such as outlines, flat planes of colour, and text. These techniques serve to create multi-layered images that trigger the viewer’s imagination through their suggestions of possible narratives.

His paintings are the site of tension between representation and creative intervention, between seriousness and lightness:

‘My work spans areas of our lives which deal with civil unrest, love, boredom, isolation, exuberance, spirituality, to name the most obvious things that I am trying to tackle. There is a lot of struggle that takes place in the creation of my work. Struggles between figuration and semi-abstraction [….] I am trying to portray our experiences as honestly as possible without losing sight of my creative artistic endeavours.’