J Milo Taylor – Pop Up Exhibition

J Milo Taylor
27 May 2011 to 29 May 2011

Located in a disused cash-and-carry in New Cross, over May bank holiday weekend, academic and inter-media artist J Milo Taylor will create a live experiment; can you synthetically evoke paranoia? Focusing on the physical and environmental effects of urbanisation, J Milo Taylor has created a site-specific installation, Dreadspace #Blood and Fire, which uses infrasonic and supersonic sounds mixed with state-of-the-art technology to create a “soup of sound”, to unnerve the audience and play on our relationship with the urban landscape.

Alongside the installation will be a series of events including; a film screening featuring works shown at the East London Film Festival and London Short Film Festival, including: Eva Weber’s award-winning Solitary life of Cranes,Esther Johnson’s Elevation: A unique portrait of Sheffield’s in/famous Park Hill estate, Ranya Nadeem’s A13 Road Movie and a few short artist films, a performance by Raymond Wong titled Fontless II: in D, with Ben Absalom, Sam Bardsley, Oscar Oldershaw and Joe Campbell, live soundtrack by Maja Nagahich. There as also be a workshop by Ryan Jordan on oscillations, radio feedback and the body.

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