Screen Paintings

Jenni Manning
4 February 1997 to 8 March 1997

The show marked the artist’s British debut. Employing the process of mono-printing, Manning’s work depicts her love for everyday people and experience. Observations are translated into vivid abstract explosions of vibrant colour.

“Work for women artists is never just the moment when we write or do other art, like painting, photography, paste-up or mixed media. In the fullest sense, it is also the time spent in contemplation and preparation. This solitary space is sometimes a place where dreams and visions enter and sometimes a place where nothing happens…Our need for this uninterrupted, undisturbed space is often far more threatening to those who watch us enter it than is that space which is a moment of concrete production… In such a world it would make perfect sense for women who devote themselves to artistic practice to rightfully claim such space” (bell hooks, ‘Art on my mind’).