28 April 2006 to 2 June 2006

After intruding into the Parisian passers-by’s universe with his engaged stickers and his old school bubble lettered tagging, French graphic designer Doze is attacking London, starting his offensive at 198 Gallery with his curvaceous caricatures and versatile multimedia works. An essential record for everyone with an interest in contemporary design – and anyone who wants a finger on the pulse of urban culture, SecretlaB was a snapshot of the current graphic innovation in the fields of fine arts, street art, digital art and product design.

Reflecting the style, aesthetic, beliefs and attitude emerging from the cultural clash between graffiti – the language of the streets, with commercial and popular imagery, SecretlaB is Doze’s attempt to capture the chaotic atmosphere of the city settings he evolves in, where the juxtaposition between the high-tech, the mass-produced and the counter-culture gave birth to a singular new race of individuals, hybrids of ultra -efficient robot workers and evanescent kids.

Expanding horizons with mixed media applications, Doze’s eclectic body of work reinvents the emblematic anthems of our consumerist society, from TV programmes to movie posters, from neon advertising to Marvel Comics heroes, from urban fashion to video games. His digital prints, fashion designs, 3D animations, product designs are strong in both forms and ideas, using humour and irony to convey important and thought-provoking messages about today’s urban environments.