The Series Paintings

Jackie Williams
1 August 1997 to 7 October 1997

The Series Paintings was the first solo exhibition by visual artist Jacqueline Williams. The exhibition consisted of large-scale paintings and black and white on paper, and included images devived from birth, regeneration, life cycle and the female biomorphic form.

‘The idea of communicating with as many people as possible is very important to me. One of the reasons why I paint such large canvases is to make large work for public spaces – corporate or public buildings. I envisage my work being seen, not only in galleries but in public spaces where audiences that are not usually gallery visitors can also see them. The scale of the work is important as I like to create a human relationship with my paintings. The idea is to enclose the viewer with the work to develop a communication with the paintings. I feel that artists have a responsibility to communicate to a wider audience.’