The Windrush Legacy

Caribbean Artists
20 May 1998 to 1 June 1998

This exhibition showcased the work of Caribbean visual artists who have made a major contribution to British art since World War II and includes biographical details of their arrival in Britain.

It celebrated the diversity of more than 20 artists ranging from the great forerunner of those times, Ronald Moody to Aubrey Williams, and outstanding present day artists such as Faisal Abdu’Allah and Eugene Palmer.

Coinciding with this event, an educational exhibition designed by Lambeth Library services documenting the arrival of the SS Empire Windrush in 1948 was launched in the 198 Education Centre. The Windrush brought the first post-war settlers from the West Indies to Britain. These new arrivals spent their first few nights on British soil in the Clapham Common Deep Shelter in south London.