About Us

198 contemporary arts and learning’s mission is to nurture and support the career of emerging, under-represented artists and to advance public interest in the visual arts. Founded in 1988, 198’s motivation initially focused on the need to provide a platform for afro-caribbean and asian artists as part of the black arts movement. For nearly 30 years this work has evolved and continued to develop with projects that consider the work and study of emerging cultural identities, through exhibitions, workshops, education projects and critical debate with artists, thinkers, activists, young people and local and artistic communities. We advocate for diversity within the visual arts and provide opportunities for those wishing to develop careers in the creative and cultural industries.

How We Work

198 is a small, agile organisation which has managed to have national impact by developing innovative projects which are not afraid to be experimental or challenging in collaboration with upcoming artists, curators, educators and partner organisations. We are governed by a board of trustees who guide strategy and together with staff and our stakeholders develop our strategic direction.

As a registered charity we work in the public interest, generating funds through enterprise, as well as from donations and grants.

Our Guiding Principles

We are embedded in our Community and have strong commitment to Diversity, Equality and Inclusion.

We value Honesty, Integrity and Transparency and this underpins our activities.

We seek Artistic Excellence and support Freedom of Expression.

We promote Personal Development and work to provide opportunities for this our audiences and participants.

And we know we cannot achieve our vision alone and so we work in genuine partnership and collaboration with organisations and individuals who share our values and aspirations.

Who We Work With

We work with many partners in the private, public and community sector to develop our artistic programme, promote community participation and engage audiences. Our partners range from local government departments, membership organisations and professional bodies to educational institutions, arts organisations, development agencies and community groups.

Current key partners include JP Morgan, Youth Momentum, London Borough of Lambeth, University of the Arts, London and Autograph ABP, Raw Material and Alford House.

If your organisation is interesting in collaborating with 198 please get in touch and tell us more about what you do.