Christopher Hanson – Introduction to Orisha Practice

31st May 2018 6:00pm – 9:00pm

Kesheniwa Aghaji works towards enabling a better and greater connection between African Descendants and the Divine African Spirit, their Ancestors, and the energies and vibrations beyond. Kesheni is an artist of African Classical Art in the form of spontaneous illuminated paintings. She conducts themed ceremonies, and the rite of Unfettering.

Kesheni is a child of Africa and her Diaspora; and in “An Introduction to Orisha Practice” she is highlighting her reclamation of her Ifa heritage, presenting aspects of the Yoruba Divine Presence ‘Olodumare’ and a number of the Deities in the Ifa pantheon. Kesheni will carry out a libation to Esu. Participants are invited to join the offering by bringing sweets, candies (not chocolate), have a theme to bring to Esu, along with either a £1 or £2 coin.