Creating A Legacy: Archiving 32 Years of 198 Contemporary Arts and Learning

To preserve our unique 32 years of history, 198 Contemporary Arts and Learning was funded by The National Lottery Heritage Fund programme to digitise and catalogue our archive, as well as extend our work on the film archive of Clovis Salmon aka Sam the Wheels. We now have a new, dedicated Archive Room adjoining the galleries, which houses physical archive materials, and allows access to our digital archive for artists, archivists and curators.

Alongside archiving activities, 198 also conducted a series of community engagement projects encouraging participants to create new work inspired by 198 archive materials. The publication ‘Tomorrow’ was created by pupils from The Norwood School as part of the project Speculative Fictions and the publication  ‘Sensuous Discoveries’ documents the project ‘Sensuous Discoveries’ led by Ajamu X and Mattie Loyce. Short films from the project  ‘Rites of Nature’ led by Laurel Hadleigh and Deborah Findlater can be viewed on the 198 You Tube Channel: Rites of Nature

Hand-painted Timeline of major events in 198 CAL’s history. Designed and created by Rudy Loewe.

Photo Credit: Shane Sutherland