Grieve Into Love: A Day In Solidarity With Palestine

Join us for a full day of solidarity for Palestine on Sunday April 7 2024, curated by Tamara Al-Mashouk & Patricia Doors.

At its heartbeat is Grieve into Love: Performance as Protest, a poetic act by artists, poets, musicians, and singers who draw on indigenous ancestral traditions of moving through grief.  It is a coming together of many creative practitioners in radical collaboration, solidarity, community and care. The performance features: Amani Saeed, Assia Ghendir, BUI, Barby Asante, Choir Chiron, Imani Mason Jordan, Kobi Ayensuo, Layla Assam, Osama Alazzeh, Phaxsi Coca, Prishita Maheshwari-Aplin, Repeat Beat Poet, Riwa Saab, Tasneim Zyada, Viva Msimang.

Throughout the day will be snacks, a pop up library and a small marketplace of vendors from Palestine including Maqam Books (a vision for an independent youth-led specialist bookshop and community space), El-Butsan (a Palestinian Lifestyle Shop bringing a range of traditional, modern and handmade products), 3EIB (a community-led platform, pop-up and creative agency supporting independent fashion brands from the SWANA region and diaspora), and MKS Prints for Liberation (mixed media work by Palestinian & Indian artist Mouna Kalla-Sacranie). Art by queer Palestinian artists Faisal Ag, and Elias Richmawi, will also be on show, curated by NAFS.SPACE.

Closing out the day will be a screening of Michel Khleifi’s film Ma’loul Celebrates Its Destruction (1985): Like countless Palestinian villages, Ma’loul was erased from the map in 1948 — destroyed by Israeli armed forces who also expelled its inhabitants. Each year on Israel’s Independence Day, Ma’loul’s expelled Palestinian inhabitants visit their home; while sharing food in community, elders recount the history of the village. By placing a frame around these memories, the film itself becomes an act of remembrance. In underlining the role of storytelling against erasure, Khleifi reminds us of the power of framing, and narrating one’s own history.

The schedule for the day is as follows:

12: Welcome
1- ​1.30: Tuning Meditation + Live Ambient performance by Patricia Doors
2 – 3: Conversation with Tamara Al-Mashouk, Imani Mason Jordan & Barby Asante, moderated by Hazem Jamjoum
3 – 4: Grieve Into Love: Performance As Protest *Poetry, Music, Song*
5 – 6: Screening & Reflections – ‘Ma’loul Celebrates It’s Destruction’ (1985) by Michel Khleifi 

We look forward to sharing this day with you and transforming our grief into action, into love.

Note: Our current exhibition REEL: Dyke Hands will be closed for the day.