Faisal Abdu’Allah, Anissa-Jane, Rodney Bailey, Geoffrey Chambers, Henry Davis, Kimathi Donkor, Papa Essel, Rebecca Harman, Rita Keegan, George Kelly, Sheree Mack, Nic Mensah-Dika, Sireita Mullings, Eddie Otchere, Reggie Pedro, Rohan Roberts, Stephen Sealy

25 October 2003 to 5 November 2003

Black History Month
A presentation of work by contemporary Black Artists in Britain.

From a compiled timeline of key dates in the history of Black Britain, contemporary artists including Faisal Abdu’Allah, Reggie Pedro and Papa Essel visually interpreted an event in the medium of their choice, creating a “visual timeline” with powerful, evocative and sometimes controversial results.

As post-colonial communities evolve into their second and third generations our “Black British” history becomes ever more significant. We should not only attempt to create social, political and historical figureheads for modern times, but also look back, seeking and finding those that have come before us. These people laid the foundations. For, to know where we are going, we must first understand where we have been. Once this has been established, embraced and understood then the road forward is clearer and less daunting, as we acknowledge that others have come before us.

Olu Oke, Curator