Live sonic performance w. Tamara Al-Mashouk & Patricia Doors | WOCAA: Resonance

Join us for a live sonic performance by artists Tamara Al-Mashouk and Patricia Doors a part of the public programme for WOCAA: Resonance.

Date: Wed Aug 09 2023 | Time: 7-8.30pm | Location: 198 Railton Road, London, SE24 0JT


Working within the context of generative music; sounds made inside a set of parameters that evolve within that system, Patricia and Tamara draw on field recordings and poetic writing from their research trip to Iceland to build live improvisational sonic landscapes. The performance fleshes out conversations between imagined mythologies of bodies of water and the dams they encounter.

Tamara Al-Mashouk incorporates strategies of hosting, art making and live performance across her multi-disciplinary projects. These days, she can’t stop thinking about where memory is stored and how to carve sites of solace within embodied experiences of hyper-politicisation.

For WOCAA: Resonance, Al-Mashouk presents work in progress made in collaboration with Patricia Doors, a multidisciplinary artist interested in the space between indigenous knowledges, capital industry and natural force. Doors’ improvisational and experimental practice focuses on sound, performance and photography.

In March 2023, Al-Mashouk and Doors travelled to Iceland to initiate their ongoing collaboration, which travels transnationally and temporally engaging with Latinx and Arabic folklore. Their next follows the water to Colombia.