Silence Builds Roads

Dohun Oyetunde
12 September 2000

Dokun Oyetunde exhibited new work after completing an MA in Sculpture from the Royal College of Art, producing a powerful exhibition that incorporated key works from his recent MA course with new elements including text to create Silence Builds Roads.

Oyetunde makes work which fuses influences from ancient Benin culture and Yoruba tradition with contemporary and futuristic iconography. Oyetunde has re-connected himself with the artistic processes of his ancestors through his work in cast bronze, fired clay and beading. The alchemy of materials is expressed through his use of earth, fire and other elements.

His recent work uses the skeletal form to re-interpret the human condition and is inspired by Yoruba mythology fused with Western popular culture. The resulting work is universal, exploring the condition of mankind rather than relating to a particular cultural tradition