Step Up | January 2024

STEP UP is back again in January.
Together with Photofusion we will be running STEP UP again this January 2024 for adults 19+, living in Lambeth and low wage or unemployed who want to learn more about photography, art & design or film & video.
We offer three unique courses (photography, art & design and video), these have been designed to strengthen and extend participates creative practice, improve their prospects as they move into the arts, creative industries or further education.
During the 10-week course you will get the chance to connect and network while learning new skills in photography, design, or video.
Advance Photography at Photofusion (Monday) 29/01/24 – 08/04/24
Film & Video at 198 Contemporary Arts & Learning (Tuesdays) 30/01/24 – 09/04/24
Art & Design at 198 Contemporary Arts & Learning (Wednesdays) 31/01/24 – 10/04/24

To sign up visit:

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